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         Emily Slomovits is an Ann Arbor-based freelance musician, theatre artist, teacher, and writer. She has studied violin and voice in classical, jazz and folk styles for over fifteen years, and folk guitar for almost ten years. Emily plays music with her dad and uncle, the duo Gemini, with her dad as San and Emily, with singer-songwriter Billy King as well as with many other musicians, including Judy Banker, Billy Brandt, Annie and Rod Capps, and Jill Jack.

        Emily is a member of Spinning Dot Theatre’s Repertory Company, and has also been seen with The Dio Theatre, The Encore Musical Theatre Company, The Croswell Opera House, Performance Network, and Wild Swan Theatre. She helped to lead Spinning Dot’s Youth Company until her move to Chicago in 2019, and taught violin, voice, and guitar for Manchester’s Cultural Arts Strings program and the Grass Lake School of Music.

        While in Chicago, Emily held a position as an after school teacher at the German International School of Chicago, and taught violin and voice lessons through Rockstart Lessons. In March 2020, Emily moved back to Michigan due to Covid-19, and now performs and teaches music and theatre both independently and through Spinning Dot Theatre. 

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